Minister Noel Arscott opened Frazer & Donegal road

The rehabilitated Frazer to Donegal main road, in the New Market, in St. Elizabeth, was officially opened on August 4 by Local Government and Community Development Minister, Hon. Noel Arscott.
The road was repaired at a cost of $8 million, taken from the St. Elizabeth Parish Council’s Equalization Fund. It will serve over 8,000 citizens of the communities.
Speaking at the ceremony Frazer, the Minister said the rehabilitated road will allow ease of travel by the citizens.
“The Government has a commitment to ensure that rural communities in Jamaica are not left behind. We have nice highways – Highway 2000, North-South Highway, and highway from Negril to Port Antonio – but many of our interior roads are in need of repair. So, you have a commitment from me as the Minister…to do all I can to ensure that we address the issue of Local Government roads,” he said.
Mr. Arscott argued that with that high demand for attention to the road network, proper care must be taken of the rehabilitated roadways to ensure that they last for a long time.
The Minister said farmers in the communities will be better able to transport their produce to the Lewisville market in New Market, and that the communities are now open for better business and other developmental opportunities.