Butchers Licence:- To maintain health and safety standards, all butchers require a license issued by the council.

•Documents required: 3 passport-sized photographs taken not more than three (3) months prior to application.
•Fee is paid at the Cashier, in the Corporation building.

Application is passed onto Health and Police Departments for investigation and report; applicant will be contacted for inspection purposes.

Upon receiipt of  Health and Police Department reports, the application will be then brought to the Public Health Committee meeting (2nd Wednesdays monthly) to be approved and if granted a permit is then prepared.

Applicant will be contacted with results and if permit has been approved then applicant is asked to collect certificate at the Office of the Corporation.

Application Time: 1 to 6 months

All application forms and fees list are attached in Resources section.

New Application 2500.00
Renewal 2000.00