His Worship the Mayor Councillor Richard Solomon

Over the years the St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation has strived to give efficient service to members of our beloved divisions and this has enabled us to achieve our current level of success, providing value to our Parish.

We will admit that there have been challenges but we have endeavoured to put initiatives in place to continue to fulfil our commitment of achieving parish development. 
Even as we strive to improve our products and enhance our business, we recognize that doing our part to contribute to a better parish and country as a whole is at the core of our Corporation. In addition to economic goals, we also pursue environmental and social objectives.Serving our communities is the most important part of building a better Parish.

As our Mission states the St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation provides excellent and sustainable, social, economic and technical services to its stakeholders through modern facilities and technologies and a highly trained and motivated team that builds public trust and confidence in a participatory framework and governance.

Our vision is a Municipal Corporation that offers first class service, effective leadership and good governance in an accountable and transparent manner while impacting the lives of our citizens in a positive way Our proven plan has put us on the path to profitable growth, and we are confident that it will keep us on that path going forward.
The Councillors and myself do invite all stake holders and agencies as well as members of our communities to join us as we work assiduously to make this Bread Basket of Jamaica the Parish that is seen as safe, productive and prosperous
On behalf of the Councillors, Secretary /Manager and staff of the St. Elizabeth Municipal  Corporation let me say thank you for your continued support and God Bless you all.
His Worship the Mayor Councillor Richard Solomon

St. Elizabeth Parish Council
58 High Street
Black River
St. Elizabeth
Tel: 965-2038