Disaster Tips

When there is a hurricane watch

When a hurricane watch is issued, it means that the hurricane is a threat but there is no certainty that it will hit the island. It means therefore, that you must start preparing by purchasing necessary supplies and securing your home. When a hurricane watch is given, a specific period of time for danger will be announced. At this time you should:

・Fill your car with gas and check your battery, water and oil.
・Check your flashlight, lamps and kerosene.
・Locate to your radio constantly for weather report.
・Locate your containers for storing drinking water and label them.
・Pack a survival kit.
・Refill all prescriptions for special medication e.g. Ventolin, Insulin, blood pressure tablets, etc
・Organize your family.
・Secure canned and non-perishable food.
・Make arrangements to have your pets cared for, if you plan to evacuate.
・Be prepared to take action if the WATCH change to a WARNING.

When there is a hurricane warning

When a hurricane warning is issued it means that hurricane conditions will affect the island WITHIN 24 HOURS. These conditions are winds of at least 119 km/hr., flood rains and storm surges. For this reason you must be prepared to take action. Be ready to evacuate at any time after the warning is given even if the weather seems fine. After a hurricane warning is issued you must:

・Clear your yard of loose objects, bicycles, lawn furniture, garbage cans, etc.
・Secure your bout if you own one.    
・Batten windows and use masking tape where necessary to tape glass windows. This will prevent broken glass from splintering and cutting anyone. Take down awnings and secure the rest of your home.
・Take down your TV, CB and VHF antennae as well as satellite dish.
・Remove all picture, paintings, clocks and other hanging objects from the wall, wrap in plastic and store in a safe place.
・Pack supplies to take to a shelter or supplies you would need to stay at home.
・Listen for official warnings and advice on the radio. Discuss calmly with your family, particularly young children, the implications of a hurricane hitting the island.
・Wrap all documents and important papers in plastic and store in a high place that is safe.
・Remove all glass objects such as fluorescent tubes, light bulbs and lamp shades since broken glass can be dangerous during a hurricane.
・Turn off electricity at the main switch.
・Make sure that doors and windows which open inwards can be bolted or otherwise secured from being blown open.    
・If you have completed all your precautions, offer assistance to your neighbours especially those with young children and old folks.