Mayor Sangster urges residents to pay Property tax

Mayor of Black River and chairman of the St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation, Derrick Sangster said Property taxes go a long way in helping the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation and other Local Authorities to carry out their functions.
“Property taxes go a long way in helping local authorities to carry out their functions,” said Sangster who is councillor for the Mountainside Division. “These are the revenues that help us to pay for some of our most vital expenses including street lights and collection of garbage,” he added.
Councillor for the Siloah Division Audie Myers in whose division property tax Outstation was held recently, pointed to the value of the mobile service especially for elderly folk who find it difficult to travel.
“You have a lot of old people who would have a hard time going to Santa Cruz and back, so this (mobile tax collection service) is very useful. I am looking forward to seeing it continue and expanded,” Myers said.
A visit by the mobile unit over three days to a number of communities including Lacovia, Siloah, Mountainside, Treasure Beach among others, netted in excess of $777,000.