Mr. Errol Lebert gets grand send off

Mr. Errol Lebert, the former Director of Finance at the St. Elizabeth Parish Council has been given a heartwarming and farewell sends off on Friday, January 30, 2015. Mr. Lebert, who spent over six year at the St. Elizabeth Parish Council, will take up his new post at the Westmoreland Parish Council.
  Over the six years, ( from 2008), Mr. Lebert was recognized for transforming the accounting system at the council from a rigid and tedious manual operation to an up to date computerized and more efficient operation.
 The Mayor Everton Fisher, Secretary Manager Mr. David Gardner, Director of Administration, Miss. Tracy Reynolds and Superintendent of Road and Works, Mr. Kenneth Mullings were among the staff that spoke well of Mr. Lebert and wish him well.
 Mr. Lebert, a native of Westmoreland, will be replaced by Mr. Romeo Daley who is coming from the Westmoreland Parish Council. Mr. Daley was introduced to the staff by the Mayor Everton Fisher on Monday (February 2, 2015)